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2 Things Arsene Wenger Should Learn From Jose Mourinho

First things first. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is truly a legendary figure in the world of management and by this article we are by no means suggesting that Arsene Wenger is an inferior manager than Jose Mourinho. What we want to potray is that every manager, even a successful one like Arsene Wenger can learn from other managers. Here we chose Jose Mourinho as that other manager to learn from as he is as drastically as opposite to Arsene Wenger as humanely possible and also hugely successful in recent years. So here are the two things that we here at Soccersouls feel that Arsene Wenger should learn from jose Mourinho.

Arsenal v Chelsea Mourinho vs Wenger

1. Being pragmatic in situations: Now for the Arsenal fans this is probably the biggest one. Arsene Wenger is a man who is very stubborn in his beliefs and wants his team to play no matter who the opposition is or what the situation in the match is. This usually translates with 5 Arsenal players in the oppostion box with the score at 3-2 in favour of Arsenal with a minute to go off regulation time (no prizes for guessing that we have highlighted the 3-3 draw between Arsenal and Anderlecht). Or take another example. The match at Liverpool at Anfield last season where Arsenal wanted to play their own way or against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. In both those occasions Arsenal were not only beaten but humiliated in the worst way possible. Jose Mourinho in tough away games against the bigger clubs always goes for a safety first approach. Also while leading against a club Jose Mourinho always shuts down his shutters in defence after the 70th minute. While that is not always correct but perhaps it is something Arsene Wenger can look to emanulate rather than being thrashed by the other title contenders.

2. Dealings in the transfer window: Arsene Wenger being a student of economics does not believe in paying over the odds for any player at any given point of time. While this attitude of Arsene Wenger definitely helped a lot when Arsenal were paying off the debt for the Emirates Stadium, this attitude is what is killing Arsenal in the transfer window. Despite potentially having a great team on paper, Arsenal is always short by just that crucial one or two players. This time it was a Defensive Midfielder and a centre back. Rumour has it that Arsene Wenger was put off by the price of William Carvalho. However just that one buy could have turned Arsenal into a real title contender. Same was the case last season  when buying just a striker in the January transfer window would have meant a real shot at the double. These are not isolated incidents. If you look through the years Arsenal has missed out on many superstars just because Arsene Wenger did not value the player as much as the selling club of that time.

Jose Mourinho on the other hand does not play around. If he needs something he gets the deal done. Established players like Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, Felipe Luis were just what the doctor ordered for Chelsea this season and Mourinho went ahead and got these players. He did not worry about the cost and the result is there for everyone to see.

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