2 Pros And Cons Of Chelsea Signing This 23-year Old Brazilian Attacker

Antonio Conte

Touted as one of the best talents to come out of Brazil, Felipe Anderson was the player who everyone expected to blow the competition to smithereens as he signed for Lazio a few years ago in the Serie A.

What has transpired has been anything but that, he hasn’t been the most consistent player for the Italian side and it seems that the team is willing to cut their losses and sell him. Chelsea seem to be one of the teams in the race to sign the attacking midfielder.

Antonio Conte is probably looking to stamp his authority on the team next season and that could mean a number of transfers going in one direction and a few in another. Felipe Anderson is still 23-years-old and could turn out to be a great signing or a dud.

We look at just why Chelsea should sign him or why they should avoid signing him next season.


Incredibly gifted

It isn’t for nothing that Anderson is considered as one of the most talented Brazilians in recent times. The 23-year-old might have slipped under the radar due to him playing in the Serie A but even in a struggling Lazio side and while not playing the best of football, Anderson did chip in with seven goals and four assists.

There is no denying that the 23-year-old is not talented and gifted but what he does with his ability is the biggest question that has not been answered yet.

Can play in a range of positions

Felipe Anderson

A reason why Antonio Conte would be looking at the Brazilian could be the fact that he can play in a range of positions across the front line. Anderson can play out wide on either side or even as an attacking midfielder just behind the main striker.

His link-up play is second to none and that could prove to be beneficial for Chelsea with Michy Batshuayi or even Diego Costa doing the damage for the Blues next season.


Extremely inconsistent

While Anderson might be incredibly gifted, his performances are often patchy. There are games where he will play like a real Brazilian world-class footballer and then there are days where it seems that Anderson belongs in a Sunday league game.

Antonio Conte might have a history of working with players who might a little difficult to work with but this Brazilian just might take the cake and make it hard for the Italian manager to get the best out of him on a regular basis.

Isn’t the smartest footballer

Even by playing at the top most level, the decision making of the 23-year-old isn’t the best and that is something that really needs to be worked on by Antonio Conte. Anderson might be a wonder on some days but his final ball and product isn’t the best.

The Brazilian could be a great option for Antonio Conte but he isn’t the final product as of yet and if he does move to Chelsea, this could be one of the biggest tests for Conte as he looks to bring the Premier League crown back to the Blues.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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