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2 Assists And 24 Chances Created – Chelsea Should Drop This Midfielder In Favour Of Two Youngsters

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Cesc Fabregas

Everything seems to be going wrong for Chelsea at the moment. If it wasn’t bad enough that they have had a poor season, they went one worse as they lost at home to Bournemouth. The invincibility of Jose Mourinho at home has certainly evaporated and Chelsea need to fix this issue amongst a ton of other problems.

One of which is the lack of form from most of their top players. Apart from Willian, no one really has hit top gear and things don’t look good for the likes of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. While Costa seems a shoe in to leave the club once they find the right buyer, there is a problem with Cesc.

The Spaniard was brought into Chelsea after Arsene declined to sign him more than a season ago. While Fabregas did excel in the first half of last season that didn’t go too well in the second half of the season when the goals and assists started to dry up.

This season it has been a continuation of the same story and even though Mourinho has started Fabregas in the middle of the midfield with Matic and then in a more advanced role, that hasn’t helped the former Barcelona man find his mojo this season.

The problem with Chelsea is that they were dependent on him and Eden Hazard doing the damage with Costa as the focal point and with all of them struggling it could well be time for Mourinho to take some drastic measures.

Time to drop the Fab?

Well Fabregas hasn’t really done much this season and everyone should remember his horrendous performance against Tottenham a couple of weeks ago when he was finding the touch line more than his own players.

As per Squawka, from the 15 league appearances he has had this season, the Spaniard has only racked two assists to his name along with 24 chances created, which when compared to last season is a ridiculous drop in performance levels.


Fabregas seems spent and maybe Mourinho should drop the 28-year-old in place of some other players that Chelsea have in their ranks. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is one such player who could take up the role of Fabregas, he might be young but Ruben has shown time and time again that he is willing to play with his heart for the club and the passion the youngster possesses could well be the solution to Chelsea’s issues.

The 19-year-old England U21 international might have five appearances this season but there is another player who could well take his place and also Cesc’s place in the team. Bertrand Traore was the player during the pre-season for Chelsea and being 20-years-old at the moment he could well be the one who solves Chelsea’s problems in midfield for the years to come.

Traore hasn’t made any appearance in the league this season but he has represented the club a couple of times this season. The duo of Loftus-Cheek and Traore are the answers to Chelsea’s Cesc problem. They are young, dynamic and have no fear. Cesc’s days might be numbered but only if Mourinho takes a bit of a risk with these two youngsters.