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£150million On Transfers? But Why Manchester United Should Avoid Splashing £20m On This Winger

The spending spree at Manchester United seems to be hitting overdrive with news coming in that Louis Van Gaal will be given £150 million to spend in the summer, the likes of Arjen Robben and Kevin Strootman being targeted by the Manchester club.

While spending a huge amount on Robben would get them one of the best wingers in the game, it wouldn’t be the smartest move for Manchester United, Robben 30 years old may be in the prime of his life but a move at this stage of his career wouldn’t be a smart move for the Dutch winger.

Manchester United have a wealth of talent already up front and bringing Robben in would just send the wrong message to the team and players. The likes of Adnan Januzaj, Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria and Ashley Young, ok maybe I am stretching it with Young but the other 3 players are of top quality and would be looking to cement their place in the team.

Bringing in Robben would bring class to the team but bringing him in at this age would only provide United with 2 years of Robben at his best, Robben isn’t getting any younger and his game is completely dependent on his pace and counter attacking ability. Robben would certainly being a lot of quality to the United side but would they be willing to only have a top quality player or build a team for the future?

Money money money


Signing someone like Robben even at this age would require United to pay over £20 million to Munich that is the minimum required to pay for the services for the Dutchman, in fact United would have to pay more than that to sign the Dutchman.

The wages for Arjen Robben would also be crazy high and with the likes of Di Maria and Mata already at the club, increasing the wage bill at United would not be the most feasible thing to do especially with the club facing an uncertain time without Champions League football guaranteed for next season and the threat of Financial fair play lurking about.

Manchester United should instead invest in other younger wingers who would provide them with a lot more over the next 5 years or so, getting Robben into the team wouldn’t provide any long term vision for the club but rather a short path to glory but more than anything United need help in fixing their defense, that is the biggest concern which United should have than spending a crazy amount of money on a Dutchman.

United need to fix the center back position as soon as possible, their attack is already blessed with the likes of Van Persie, Rooney, Mata, Di Maria and Falcao, while they only have Smalling, Rojo, Evans, Da Silva and Valencia for their defense, that is one lop sided team with the attack overwhelming the defense. The only reason United are in the top 4 this season is probably due to the form of David De Gea. The Spaniard has been in exceptional form for United, so the attack and goalkeeping positions are set, now it is up to United to fix the defense than the attack.