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10 Teams Who Can Surprise Us In The 2014 World Cup – Part Two

Picking ten teams who can surprise in the World Cup 2014: Part Two

In the first installment of this series, we had looked on the five teams out of the qualified twenty who are certain to pack a punch come next summer in the FIFA World Cup 2014. We continue this series with our final article on the teams to look out for in the Land of the Samba. Here are the other remaining teams who are certain to pack a punch and push above their expectations.

South Korea:

Ever since the 1998 World Cup this Asian Country has been a force to reckon with in every World Cup. The Asian side has made quality in roads in the Football Fraternity and have now built on an astonishing third place finish in the Olympic Games. Even though the Koreans were beaten by Iran in the AFC Zone, expect South Korea to make headlines next summer. In Son Heun Min of Bayern Leverkusen, who has been simply astounding in the Bundesliga, they have someone who knows how to handle big match pressure. Whether or not they can handle huge expectations from back home, expect them to pack above their punch.


Socceroos veterans Tim Cahill, Mark Schwarzer and Lucas Neill.
Socceroos veterans Tim Cahill, Mark Schwarzer and Lucas Neill.

Not many would have liked to see the Socceroos make the list, simply albeit their below par performance recently. They sacked manager Holger Osieck after handed the ignominy of a 6-0 defeat at the hands of France in a friendly last week. While The Federation has shown Great courage in doing so, the nation travels to Brazil with a new manager with fresh ideas. Who knows this might just be the flavor one needs to cook the broth? How about appointing Marcelo Bielsa, the Madman and see reaping wonders come next summer?


Many hadn’t given a chance to Fabio Capello’s men when they were handed an extremely tough qualifying group which boasted the likes of Power house Portugal and the dangerous Israel. However, inexplicably Portugal have struggled which meant the Russians could take full advantage. While the Russians might not be any bookmaker’s favourites, however you’ve always got to respect a side boasting the talents in Arshavin, Kerzakhov and Dazagoev and off course the man on the side lines wearing the tidy black coat and having a lustrous mane with frown on his forehead.


Dark Horses: Why Belgium Will Win the

There is something in the water of this country. Pop up everywhere and you would find everyone talking about Belgium as the dark horses of the tournament.  A force boasting the likes of Hazard, Lukaku, Vertonghen, Benteke, Kompany, Felliani, Mertens among many other notable names can never be underestimated. If the Belgians have got a frightful line up and no one would want to be drawn against them. However can they deal against expectations and massive inexperience?