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10 Outstanding English Soccer Players

Photo by Prapoth Panchuea on Unsplash

Even though the English national team consistently disappoints its fans, it is undeniable that the country that invented the sport has produced several all-stars in the last two decades.

The moment has come to pore old records and determine which outstanding footballer Englishmen lived during this era. 

Paul Scholes

Even Paul Scholes’ awful tackling ability was admired when he retired.

A player like Scholes is essential for any winning squad. David Moyes will need to find a replacement for his calm composure on the ball and solid passing skills at Old Trafford. Can Scholes’s place at the top of the English player rankings be contested, given that he has played for the most successful English club over the past two decades?

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard would have been ranked lower than Gerrard in this article a few years ago. Lampard has made Stamford Bridge history with his endless string of elegant performances, and Chelsea has won significant trophies in recent years thanks largely to Lampard.

At the end of the 2012–13 season, the midfielder scored the most goals in Chelsea’s history. Although many questioned his ability to compete with the Blues’ fresh crop of young stars, he has continued to contribute significantly with goals and assists. The English football throne has been his to hold, just like Gerrard’s.

Steven Gerrard

One element is likely to be absent from Steven Gerrard’s career retrospective.

Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard will always regret not winning the Premier League. His career has been defined by game-winning performances for his hometown team, whether by a spectacular long-range goal, a well-placed penalty kick, or an impressive display of physical endurance.

The current captain of England has been instrumental in leading his club team to improved performance. There is no doubt that Gerrard has always had Liverpool’s best interests at heart, and for this, he deserves the utmost respect from the Anfield crowd.

Alan Shearer

Unfortunately, England has yet to produce another brilliant striker like Alan Shearer. The Golden Boot winner from Euro ’96 is Newcastle United’s all-time leading scorer and the Premier League’s most iconic player.

The ex-Blackburn Rovers striker was a goal-scoring machine, equally adept at thunderous shots and precision headers.

Even though his one-handed run is remembered as one of the most iconic moments in English football, the country still secretly longs for the emergence of a true goal scorer who can dominate games from the center of the field.

Shearer is the best English forward in Premier League history, despite being a dreadful manager for the Toon Army.

Ashley Cole

Arsenal fans have branded Ashley Cole as Judas, but since joining Chelsea in 2006, the left-back has won nine trophies. So, the Gunners have yet to win a game in that span.

Like many other players, Cole is more well-known for his off-the-field exploits than for his footballing prowess. A peak Ashley Cole was the best fullback in Europe. Because of his superior speed, positioning, and tackling, he keeps getting picked for the England side over the incredibly unlucky Leighton Baines.

Cole is an unlikable guy, but he’s always been a reliable worker for us. As a side note, his seven FA Cup titles since the 2001–02 season are insane.

David Beckham

David Beckham has become a national treasure in England. The stylish winger is a complete package, with superb looks, a famous wife, and the ability to kick a ball.

When Beckham kicks the ball, it goes exactly where he wants it to. The ex-Manchester United player’s passing accuracy and vision are up there with the greatest in the game, despite his lack of flashy speed. In addition, Beckham’s trademark free-kick stance is well-known worldwide and usually results in a goal.

One of England’s most well-traveled players is good ol’ D. Becks. While his time in the United States, Italy, and France all proved fruitful, the renowned No. 7 will always be remembered most for his floppy-haired days at Old Trafford and his match-winning antics while wearing the England jersey.

Aside from being known as a great footballer, Beckham is also a great businessman who invests in huge land-based casinos. He’s also fond of playing at casinos that rate. 

Rio Ferdinand

All of the Ferdinands’ names are well-known in English soccer, but Rio is the true superstar of the family. The Twitter-obsessed, cap-wearing central defender has spent the past decade winning big trophies at Manchester United and establishing himself as one of England’s top defenders in history.

Throughout his life, Ferdinand has prioritized physical prowess over instinct and brain. Still, his 2012–13 season indicates a man who has diligently worked to modify his play because his legs are becoming older. The 34-year-old had a career year, which shows he has plenty of gas left in the tank.

John Terry

It’s everyone’s favorite smooth talker, Captain Fantastic himself, The Brave John Terry.

It’s best to gloss over Terry’s off-field shenanigans, as has been said before. The long-time defender for Chelsea has been an essential cog in the wheel of the club’s success.

He has had an absurdly large impact at Stamford Bridge (as many managers can attest), and his presence in the Chelsea defense has allowed them to keep winning championships despite a constantly shifting lineup.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney ought to be higher up here. The Manchester United star may become England’s greatest player of all time, but he has battled a variety of vices that have hampered his success.

While it would be unfair to criticize Rooney’s playing abilities based on his penchant for elderly women, his junk food addiction has slowed his development in recent years.

Rooney is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with when he’s on, capable of scoring breathtaking goals from nothing, tracking back, working persistently, and prioritizing the team over individual accolades. When Rooney’s energy is low, his passing is inaccurate, and his temper is out of control, it’s a disaster for everyone.

Rooney is one of the most famous people in the country, yet heroics and annoyances have marked his career.

Gary Neville

We must remember that Gary Neville was only sometimes a respected, thought-provoking, and highly knowledgeable Sky Sports pundit.

The former captain of Manchester United was a stalwart in Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad until his retirement in 2011. He is often considered the best right defender England has ever produced. His eagerness to charge down the wings in an era when attacking fullbacks were far less popular was a major factor in Manchester United’s dominance of the Premier League.