Writer Guidelines

So you want to become a famous football writer but need some tips in getting started. Don’t worry! Here are some ten basic tips that will make you a great football writer.

1. Uniqueness : First and foremost rule. Make sure your writings are unique and not copied from any other online or offline sources.

2. Topic : Writers have the freedom to write about anything that is related to the beautiful game. From international football to any domestic league, the choice is yours.

3. Title : Title is a very important thing to any article. Make sure your title is eye-catching but not too long. A good title should be short but flashy enough to attract readers.

4. Word Count :  A good article should be at least 450 words. Anything less than this will probably mean lack of depth in the article’s content , it may still be read but it may not have the impact desired.

5. Content : Make sure all the facts, stats and information provided in the article are accurate. Well researched article always helps to build your reputation as an author.

5. Images : Try to include at least one image in your article. There are many sites such as Flickr who can provide royalty free images. Please provide the link of the picture in the post so that our editors will add the image and post it.

6. Format : Make sure you follow the basic format rules. Keep your paragraphs short, use sub headings, spell check your article etc…

8. Category : Please make sure you choose the correct category for your article. If you cannot find a relevant category then let us know and we can either create one for you or place it in an existing relevant category. Also add any tags to your articles that you feel are relevant.

9. Frequency : “How often do you need me to write?” is one of the most FAQ from writers. Well the answer is “whenever you can”. Some writers can produce 2-3 articles a week,others 2-3 a month. It really depends on how serious you take your writing. If you are looking at gaining a following then you should be looking to write at least 2-3 articles a week.

10. Writing Style : Have your own style of writing. Who knows? You might one day end up writing like Brian Phillips or Jonathan Wilson.

11. Proper Source: Give proper source all the quotes in the article and also to any transfer related stuffs.

12. Exposure & Marketing Your Article : We will do our best to market your work and make it visible to thousands of football fans around the globe. We share the article in our well followed social network pages (Facebook and Twitter) and we also post the articles to many directories to get more reads. We strongly advise you do the same and market your own article by sharing it wherever possible.

If you still have any queries please contact us via Twitter, Facebook or though the site.

We also strongly recommend you read the “How to Submit an article” page .