Human Rights Watch And FIFA Test Middle East Fallout Of Trump’s Election

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  Human Rights Watch (HRW), in an initial probing of the impact of the rise of US President-elect Donald J. Trump, has asked the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights to include world soccer body FIFA in a registry of enterprises that do business with Israeli settlements on the West Bank. The request is based … Read more

Creating A Legal Precedent: Palestine Considers Suing Israel In International Sports Court


  The Palestine Football Association (PFA), in a first testing of Palestine’s ability to fight its battle with Israel in international courts, plans to go to the world’s top court for sports in a bid to force its Israeli counterpart to view Israeli settlements on the West Bank as occupied territory rather than an extension … Read more

Pushing The Envelope: The World Cup And Arab Revolts Drive Change

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Pressured by human rights and trade union activists leveraging Qatar’s exposure as a World Cup host and influenced by subtle changes sparked by popular Arab revolts in recent years, young Qataris are pushing the envelope, broaching publicly hitherto taboo subjects like homosexuality, women’s dress codes, and citizenship. The pushing of the envelope may be the … Read more

Israeli-Palestinian Struggle Returns To The Soccer Pitch

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused world soccer body FIFA of allowing FIFA-sanctioned matches to be played on occupied land in the West Bank in violation of FIFA rules and has demanded that the group ensure that future games be staged within the borders of Israel prior to the 1967 Middle East war. The HRW … Read more

Egypt Hopes Soccer Will Help Polish Its Tarnished Image

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An Egyptian businessman with close ties to general-turned-president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has submitted a bid for the broadcasting rights of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in a move that is widely seen as an effort to polish the image of Egypt, tarnished by massive abuse of human rights, failing economic policies, and a military … Read more

James Dorsey’s Column: Soccer Investments’ Reputational Risk Catches Up With UAE

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The reputational risk associated with autocratic investment in high-profile soccer clubs threatened to catch up with the UAE as a powerful coalition of political and civic leaders in Manchester demanded that the Gulf country releases political prisoners, investigate allegations of torture and respect human rights. The leaders, who include members of parliament and Manchester’s city … Read more

Qatar’s quagmire: existential fears and missed opportunities

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Walking around Qatar’s monumental Aspire Dome sports academy, coach Fred Engh noticed kids playing soccer on an indoor field big enough to accommodate four teams simultaneously during a break in an annual gathering of hundreds of sports leaders designed to project the Gulf state as an innovative, socially responsible global sports hub. Mr. Engh’s initial … Read more