Picture: Arsenal Fan Wears Koscielny’s Jersey In Front Of Spurs Gift Shop

It cannot get better than this for an Arsenal fan. A hot Goonerette stands in-front of Tottenham’s gift shop and poses with her hand pointing at the man who had a major say in Arsenal’s 4th place finish as he scored the vital goal, which saw the Gunners reach the Champions league for the 16th consecutive time.


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  1. hassan says:

    She is an angel, fan of the year indeed.

  2. hassan says:


  3. Izzybaba says:

    wel wel wel that is great i luv dat gal

  4. david shillingi says:

    U have the courage to do that.I love it

  5. segzygunn says:

    s….o…r…y….ooooooooo wait for your turn….

  6. Bedprof says:

    Sorry Spurs fan. We know how it feels

  7. eniola says:

    What a superb shown gal!!! I luv Ūя̲̅ confident……LOLZ

  8. Teebillz says:

    Believe me thats what i call ‘picture of the year’…

  9. Teebillz says:

    You find a bold lady like this you wife her.. Happy tspursday as usual.. Hehe

  10. mr meowie says:

    This is what I want my future wife to be!

  11. moody gooner says:

    Well done love proud to be a gooner.

  12. mr arsenal says:

    YES … you have to remember kosienly ever

  13. EmuGuNz007 says:

    I don’t know who you are but, I will find you and I will marry you <3 :D :P

  14. maverick says:

    the girl has guts i tell ya that. Unclassy supporters of spurs would rip her to shreds for that (that is not a dig at spurs supporters all clubs have some rotten supporters that bring the club down)